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Frequently asked questions

✨ What sets us apart from a traditional agency or consultancy?

We're obsessed with avoiding money burn and generating profitable growth. While others get tangled up in tactics that cost a fortune to achieve upper-funnel events, we don't invest a dime without projecting its profitability, measuring results, and learning from it.

📱 What types of apps fit our culture?

Any app that knows growth isn't just about increasing campaign performance but also embracing the latest technologies, diversifying budgets, improving monetization, product, and content to stay on the cutting edge and power up every cell of their code.

📊 How do we measure success without making a mess?

KPI, Excel, and PPT are ordinary words for us, but we strive to go beyond by connecting different data sources to achieve the perfect report that adapts to each app. We even model, develop technology and customize attribution models.

⚙️ Do we offer tailor-made solutions or copy and paste?

Let me tell you this but keep it between us, we're addicted to customized solutions. We work like a high-fashion designer, creating the perfect outfit for your app to strut down the red carpet of success.

🤬 Do we have success stories or are we just all talk?

Of course, we have success stories! Our clients are like rock stars, and we're their managers, leading them to the Hall of Fame of apps. Here are some of them for you.
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