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Helping a crypto-oriented digital bank improve its onboarding and engagement.

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Bnext is the first Spanish-speaking neobank, which has its own Electronic Money Institution license and a cryptoassets buying/selling solution.

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Bnext had two challenges:

  1. Help increase customer ARPU via CRM communications (Leanplum).
  2. To recover ghosts during the migration process from the external Electronic Money Payment Entity (DME) to Bnext's own DME.

We focused on three things:

  1. Audit the communications that were being done via CRM and give them a prioritization based on the impact it had on the KPIs defined as high impact by the company (related to Monetization and Retention).
  2. Create AB Testing flows of all prioritized communications, with the objective of having a framework for testing and improvement.
  3. Launched new workflows and campaigns aimed at increasing the revenue generated by "low profile" users (below average ARPU).


Recovered 60,000 "ghost" (inactive) customers during the migration from one DTS to another.
Increased ARPU of customers impacted via CRM by 15% compared to those not impacted via CRM.