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Helping a crypto-oriented digital bank improve its onboarding and engagement.

Bitsa app


Bitsa app


Bitsa had two challenges:

  1. Reduce friction in the Onboarding of its customers, especially on iOS.
  2. Reduce the number of Inactive users in both apps, in order to improve the average Monetization per user.  

What did Spartapp do?

We focused on three things:

  1. Implementation of product analytics tool: we helped the team to implement Mixpanel from scratch in both apps. We defined the events, properties and user attributes to send to the tool and configured the basic dashboards to know the conversion rate of the current onboarding.
  2. Redesign and re-implementation of Onboarding: we helped to define new screens, steps and events during the whole Onboarding, as we detected important friction issues that prevented many users from using Bitsa for the first time.
  3. Integration of a mobile CRM tool (Iterable): we helped them configure the tool and basic product events to automate communications during Onboarding and throughout the user's lifetime.


32% improvement in conversion between downloading and completion of Onboarding
15% increase in MAUs
7% increase in monthly Revenue per User