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Launching the first Spanish review management app to the market



LOCALBOSS is an app (iOS and Android) that tries to help all kinds of businesses (mainly small and medium and with physical presence) to digitize. More specifically, to do so through the management of reviews that customers and non-customers leave about them on Google (Google My Business). It was looking to become the first "Review Management" app of Spanish origin.



AppTech and Data:

  • MMP integration and connection with primary advertising sources (Google, Meta, Apple Search Ads, TikTok, etc).
  • Implementation of Product Analytics tool (Amplitude)

Acquisition and Onboarding:

  • Launch of "pure install" campaigns on Android and iOS
  • Launch of web2app campaigns
  • Testing with UGC creatives

App Monetization:

  • Launch of a subscription model
  • Implementation of subscription flow management tool (easy to use!)
  • Iteration on paywalls to improve paywall viewed/trial-started ratios

Telling you everything we did might be too boring. But if you're interested and you're as geeky as we are, we'll send it to you by mail. Long live transparency.


SKAN fully implemented
Google campaigns with CPIs and CPAs 20% of target
Launch of TikTok app campaigns
Download-to-subscription conversion 50% above target