Caliope app

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Kickstarting the acquisition of a sexuality and intimacy app.

Caliope app


Caliope is the reference application for wellness and pleasure. It is the only platform in Spanish for sex education and arousal through listening.

More about Caliope:

Caliope app


Caliope had the challenge to start launching Acquisition campaigns, measuring the performance of the campaign and understanding how well users were converting to paying users in the app.

What did Spartapp do?

We focused on three things:

  1. Analytics for apps: we started by integrating the MMP (Adjust), which would allow us to have visibility into what was happening at the Attribution level. We defined the necessary in-app events to measure and led the implementation in both apps.
  2. Paid UA: Acquisition campaigns, focusing the first efforts for Android through Google Ads (UAC) and for iOS through Apple Search Ads. We optimized beyond installs, focusing on getting people to try the product and start a trial of the paid plan
  3. Paywall optimization: we helped Calliope to improve the paywalls of the PRO product, with the goal of increasing not only the number of trials but also the conversion from trial to payer.


MMP integrated in 2 weeks
Cost per trial 20% lower than the fixed rate
Conversion from Trial to Payer 10% higher than the fixed rate