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Helping a savings app launch a subscription-based monetization model.

Goin app


Goin is the platform that helps users from around Europe to grow their money and buy cheaper in digital and physical stores.

More about Goin (press):

Goin app


Goin came to Spartapp with three challenges:

  1. Need for an App Monetization system that would make them less dependent on customer transactionality.
  2. Large user drop in Onboarding (~30% of downloads)
  3. Engagement challenges that caused MAUs to drop in the last 3 months.

We focused on four things:

  1. Launching an App Monetization model (GoinPRO) based on subscriptions that allowed us to generate a higher Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).
  2. Auditing of CRM activities at the Onboarding, Retention and Monetization levels.
  3. Implementation of new communication flows via email + push notifications through CRM (Braze).
  4. Integration of the Product Analytics tool with the app's main data sources: CRM (Braze), MMP (Appsflyer) and DataWarehouse (BigQuery) to have full traceability of product usage.


20% increase in ARPU
7% increase in MAUs through CRM communications
24% increase in CVR for free users to GoinPRO